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Providing best practices to supply spare part into domestic and international markets.

Hitatsu | Unit Group modern holding specializing in development on automotive industry

In the evolving technological world, many areas such as the automotive and spare parts industry require continuous improvement and innovation.

This demand for continuous development is driven by factors such as market competition, consumer expectations, and the desire for efficiency and sustainability.

Companies must invest heavily in research and development to stay ahead and remain competitive. This cycle of continuous improvement often leads to breakthroughs that enable faster methods and processes and better products.

Accepting this constant need for improvement is essential for companies to remain relevant in the marketplace to address the most important consumer needs.

Our history

In 1982, the Hitatsu Teku company was founded.
The company’s main activity was related to servicing local factories that produced industrial goods.

Since then, servicing plants and factories, the company has developed its own scientific and technical base and trained engineers and workers.

As it grew, the company began to offer its services in developing the production of spare parts for various machines, devices and mechanisms.

Now the company provides various services in the aftermarket sector. It is also developing a brand of motor oils and technical fluids.

Key services for your business


Research, select and create new hottest products for your industry and brands.


Production of goods on the most modern world plants and factories.


Fast delivery by reliable logistics companies to all regions of the world.

Legal support

Completely legal support and document management with partners.

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