Hitatsu autochemistry

Hitatsu multifunctional grease HS-40

Suitable for lubricating a variety of joints: hinges, rolling bearings, wheel bearings, ball joints, cables.
It is used in any equipment operating under normal conditions: cars, motorcycles, garden and agricultural equipment, water, construction and stationary equipment. Used as a lock defroster.
Excellent low temperature properties, water resistance and anti-corrosion properties. Good adhesion to surfaces. Extended service life compared to conventional lithium greases. Displaces moisture, protects wiring diagrams and wires, and prevents contact oxidation. Does not conduct electric current. Contains anti-corrosion additives.

Hitatsu brake & clutch cleaner

An effective means of cleaning brake and clutch components. Used to remove grease, oil, brake fluid, dust and other contaminants.
Suitable for cleaning brake cylinders, discs, pads, drums, as well as clutch parts. Cleans, degreases and evaporates quickly, leaving no residue.
Prevents brake pad squeaking and improves brake performance. Used as a universal degreaser. Suitable for cleaning metalworking and hand tools.

Hitatsu throttle body cleaner

A highly effective cleaning agent for the throttle valve of the intake tract of vehicle injection systems and the internal surfaces of the carburetor.
Cleans and removes carbon deposits, soot and dirt deposits. Provides easy movement and the required fit of the damper, restores gaps.
Recommended for cleaning the crankcase ventilation valve.
Can be used to remove any oily contaminants, salt deposits and grease.

Hitatsu copper grease spray

Professional high-temperature lubricant (aerosol) with finely dispersed copper. Used to eliminate jamming and jamming of threaded connections and metal parts.
The action of the composition prevents sticking and welding of contacting parts, eliminates burning of metal gaskets. Significantly facilitates the dismantling of pre-treated joints and eliminates the squeaking of brake mechanisms.
Lubricated parts are reliably protected from corrosion and moisture. The lubricant is highly resistant to precipitation, oxidizing agents, salts and alkalis. Operates in a temperature range from –40°C to +1100°C.

Hitatsu silicone spray

Universal silicone lubricant (aerosol) with a wide range of applications for working with various parts and mechanisms.
Used for car care, as well as in industry and everyday life. Chemically inactive, compatible with many materials.
Forms a continuous polymer layer on the surface that has protective, lubricating, and moisture-repellent properties. Prevents freezing of parts and seals electrical connections.
Protects surfaces from aging and external influences, repels moisture, reduces friction and eliminates squeaking. Improves the appearance of surfaces.
Increases the dielectric properties of high-voltage wire insulation, improving engine starting and operation.

Hitatsu corrosion protection

Anti-corrosion preservative composition.
It is used for anti-corrosion protection of hidden cavities of the car body (thresholds, door frames, pillars, side members, interior floor, trunk, etc.).
Displaces moisture from treated surfaces. Has high penetrating properties. The composition is resistant to water and aqueous solutions of salts used for treating roads. It is allowed to apply the composition to rusty and damp surfaces, as well as old anti-corrosion coatings. Provides temporary anti-corrosion protection of the external surfaces of the car (underbody, sills, wheel arches, etc.).
The nozzle located at the end of the extension tube forms an omnidirectional torch that evenly covers all surfaces of the hidden cavities of the car body.

Hitatsu starting fluid

Fluid for quick engine starting. An effective product for easy and quick starting of gasoline and diesel engines at low temperatures, high humidity and low fuel quality.
It is used in cars and trucks, buses, tractors, and construction equipment. It is recommended to use for the first start after long-term storage of scooters, mopeds, ATVs, snowmobiles, as well as garden equipment (chainsaws, lawn mowers, motor cultivators, etc.).
Reduces the load on the ignition system and battery.

Hitatsu multipurpose foam cleaner

Universal active foam interior cleaner. Designed for cleaning car interiors, office equipment, furniture and home furnishings.
An optimized system of surfactants carefully and effectively removes various stains from fabric upholstery, carpeting, artificial leather, plastic, and glass.
The foam formed during spraying is well distributed, has high penetrating ability, does not flow off vertical surfaces and does not leave streaks.
Restores the color of fabrics, neutralizes unpleasant odors, and prevents re-contamination. Has a pleasant aroma and antistatic effect.